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Mac and Cheese

Here's a lower-fat, full-flavor Mac and Cheese recipe that won't break the calorie bank.

Most recipes for macaroni and cheese throw caution to the wind with an overly-rich, gooey blend of pasta with too much cheese. Here's what our test cooks discovered: we could cut the richness of the cheese sauce by substituting cream with these two common pantry staples without sacrificing cheesy flavor or texture.

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Mild jarred salsa leaves us cold ... could "hot" salsa do any better?

The test kitchen just can't generate much passion for mild and medium jarred salsa, as no brand we've tested could even come close to the allure of fresh, crunchy homemade salsa. So, we thought it was time to give the jarred stuff one last chance with their hottest, spiciest stuff. Find out how our top choice came closest to homemade with a chunky, crunchy texture and a tangy tomato flavor.

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Don't get burned by your gadgets. Our barbecue thermometer test will save you $90.

If your grill doesn't have a built-in thermometer, it's a good idea to buy one. We tested eight thermometers, all of which could slip through the grill lid's vent holes, and found a surprising range of features and prices from $7.99 to $99. Our last-place finisher costs $99 and was extremely awkward to use, but our two favorites turned out to be the least expensive models tested. Buy our winner and never get burned again.

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